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Let the ashes fly


She also spent her time in college booking bands to play on campus. “I basically got to use UCLA as my own private piggy-bank, and pay bands I loved a lot of money to come and perform,” smiles Este. “I got Beach House to come play at noon to like 100 people, I got Diplo, Fool’s Gold, Tokyo Police Club.”

Why I didn’t read this before

On Este Haim:

Este is a quirky flower child: strategic about her career, yet all her endeavors come from the heart. In college, she used big university money to book her struggling musician friends. Like a lot of college kids, she fell in love with Beach House. Unlike a lot of college kids, she fell in love with Bulgarian folk singing and Brazilian percussion, and attributes those proclivities to her family.


Not a Taco Fan

I KNOW, I’m weird but my fav ones are al Pastor and Cochinita Pibil ones. 👌

Taco Haim

Yep I heard BBC 1 just for the baes, and when Danielle said Carne Asada Tacos omg I almost faint, but tacos with Pico de Gallo? It’s weird, that doesn’t exist here in Mexico. Lol



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aaaaa quiero!! btw entren al concurso

I have been thinking about….

I love my country(culture, food and some traditions) but I’m really mad that many people are so ignorant and retrograde. And, that fucks everything. :(